A project history with TAKTILESDESIGN GmbH

  • Inquiry phase

    We clarify the feasibility taking into account the material and process parameters.
    The basis is customer samples or CAD data as a step format or existing results.
    We analyze data and roughness with imaging measurements.
    Our offer includes binding cost and time planning.

  • Data creation

    We create texture and 3D files and export data formats for the production process.
    The data process is based on common software and the latest software solutions from network partners.
    Our experience and practice help us and the customer to implement it quickly.

  • Prototype or test

    … are usually produced in later production quality. They are created by the customer himself or by our network partners.

  • iterative analysis

    We accompany the process with 3D renderings and of the component surface.

  • Approval and production

    After approval by the customer, we create the data transfer of the final production with transfer of the data.
    The reproducibility and later possibility of changes is guaranteed by the digital basis and parametric work.

    During the process, customers benefit from advice in the field of design and tool manufacture, in particular for embossing rollers.
    On request, we can also take care of design and tool approvals or their complete management.