3D Printing

  • bionic surfaces
  • reduction of visible layers
  • improve function: aero- and hydrodynamics, noise reduction, scratch resistance
  • accentuation, customized products
  • rapid prototyping: models of textured parts
  • copy of existing textured surfaces

In additive manufacturing, we apply textures into the data so that they can be printed directly in one step.

Our clients use a variety of materials & technologies  –  Stereolithography, Selective-Laser-Sintering in Nylon, PA, or Sinter-Laser-Melting in Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, or techniques to print polymers. We create stl-, obj-, fbx- step- igs- or vrml-data as well as coloured data.

Representability and Tolerances:

are factors driven by the additive production processes and material.