3D Printing

With 3D Printing Technology, textures can be applied onto the product surface in one production process .

Our clients produce parts 3D data for different 3D Printing technologies as:

Stereolithography or Sinter-Laser-Technologies in materials like stainless steel, titanium. Polyamides or flexible components with polymere technology, also coloration combined with texture for a realistic prototyping.

For various applications

  • bionic surfaces, enlargen surfaces, roughness
  • textured undercuts, cavities
  • reduction of visible layers
  • improve function: aero- and hydrodynamics, noise reduction
  • accentuation
  • rapid prototyping
  • coated materials
  • grain copies


are factors driven by the additive production processes and material.


Rendering and Mapping

Application of textures onto 3D surfaces.
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