for Laser engraving

  • working from scans, given textures, leathers, wood, parametric textures
  • seamless tiling
  • hydrophobic, hydrophilic surfaces
  • QR CODES realized in injection molded parts
  • soft-touch
  • supermatt surfaces
  • black marking
  • Design development
  • Moulds, Cylinders with a reliable partner network
  • UV Mapping

Taktilesdesign develops texture data for different types of lasers like e.g. 5-axis-machines for engravings on parts of a product surface.

Within a project, we create a collection of patterns and surface and depth variations. We can influence the gloss and the haptic appearance of the 3D surface. For big components with e.g. leather grains, the texture will be worked out so that it is repeating within the area.

short puls laser / femto laser engraving

with the latest laser technology we realize 5 Axis engravings together with HailTec GmbH.

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  • obj
  • fbx
  • vrml
  • dae