Textures for Laser engraving

We develop grayscale bitmaps in the common resolutions used in engraving embossing cylinders and for 5-axis laser systems as an independent service.
This includes UV mapping and evaluating the results.
The common goal is to shorten our customers’ development time and to provide advice with creative ideas.

Textures for Additive Manufacturing

With 3D Printing Technology, textures can be applied onto the product surface in one production process .
Our clients produce parts 3D data for different 3D Printing technologies as:
Stereolithography or Sinter-Laser-Technologies in materials like stainless steel, titanium. Polyamides or flexible components with polymere technology, also coloration combined with texture for a realistic prototyping.
Ideal for the realistic implementation of prototypes, we combine color with textures for a perfect fit.

Automotive & Transportation

We achieve short development times through routine, analysis measurements and support with approval processes.

Our clients ask for:

  • Design development, trends
  • Soft-touch structures, matt structures
  • Grain reproductions, digital twins

Data for embossing cylinders

We develop designs for artificial leather, genuine leather, interior design surfaces for furniture, flooring.

  • repeating work for seamless tiles and cylinder diameters
  • reduction of stripes, stains
  • with different engravers, we can react flexibly
  • leather, wood, technical designs, parametrical design

Additive Manufacturing and textures

Manufacturing data in which the texture is already included:
Typical applications of textures in A.M. are customization, hide slices, and achieving a more valuable, non-sensitive surface. Reproducibility and Tolerances are factors driven by the additive production processes and material.

  • bionic surfaces, enlargen surfaces, roughness
  • textured undercuts, in hollow cavities
  • scratch- and noise reduction, branding, reduction of visible layers
  • data for full color prints

Textures for 5-axis-laser technologies

  • exclusive design for nano- or femtolaser
  • UV-Mapping and Dataservice, seamless
  • support through using 3D renderings

Examples of designs for plastics or EEP, expanded polypropylene. Our service here is to adapt the mapping of the texture to the mould insert and export a laser-readable data.

We are a member of VDWF, the german association of tool and mold making companies. VDWF-article in german

Tactile media for blind and visually impaired people

Our business unit TAKTILES was created in 2020. We design and print tactile media for blind and visually impaired people. The trademark which is registered sind 2021 is driven by an innovative idea:
Our tactile color compass assigns specific structures to colors. With this color concept we create e.g. 3D printed  paintings for museums in the spirit of “art and design for everyone”.
Awarded twice with the “Best of Digitales S.-H. 2020” award from the Ministry for Digitization in Kiel and with the special mention of the “purmundus challenge 2020”: website of TAKTILES


We print tactile surfaces inhouse with a 500 x 300 x 100mm full color UV Printer onto PMMA, PETG, Dibond, Metal sheets, slightly curved products and leather.

Inks and Polymer-lacquers are UV stable, CE certified and tested for toy goods.